Entry #1

New Acrylic Canvas Painting

2016-12-09 15:08:42 by ILLLOGIC

Hi everyone, I haven't shared on newgrounds lately because I've been working on an acrylic painting for a long time. I think it will be done in the early new year, but I don't know because I've been re-working it a lot.

I also just want to say thanks to everyone for the encouragement. I'm glad I joined newgrounds because I've gotten so much great feedback from the community.

I hope everyone has happy holidays!


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2017-06-08 07:16:36

Just wrote a crappy review for said painting, no way to fully express how good it really is, or how bad reality is likely to get... you've always had a real knack for composition, telling an impossible story with images. Just wanted to say that, and thank ya for sticking it out here.

ILLLOGIC responds:

Awe man thanks! Seriously having people relate with what make is indescribable! Just that fact that you took time to write something means a lot. Also I checked out that painting at the Denver airport and I was blown away so thanks for sharing.


2017-10-29 05:37:26

Burning monks, masses being consumed by a dragon? Dreams and inspiration or possibly things to come? Yeah that's why I stay away from spiced wine anymore lol, anyway hoping your subject matter no way impacts the joy of creating it, among other things I suppose.

ILLLOGIC responds:

I hope not things to come. I think it is just my own paranoia lol. Spiced rum you say?????? UMMMM thanks for the tip! I am adding spiced wine to my shopping list! I drink a lot of valerian root tea. Maybe that's why I have such intense dreams. Art is a funfest! It really helps me learn to lighten up. Thanks VicariousE for all your insightful messages over the last year or so. I have really enjoyed reading your comments. They always get me think or laughing.